A Triangle Bargaining Chip

The AIDS memorial is built on the grounds of what used to be Saint Vincent’s. This hospital was ground zero for the AIDS Epidemic and thousands of people were either cared for here, or came to see loved ones.

This triangle piece of land was the site for one of Saint Vincent’s buildings. It was bought, by Rudin Management, who planned to make a luxury building in the place of the main Saint Vincent building. Because of the people in the neighbourhood voicing their disproval, the triangle lot became a sort of bargaining chip. The management company offered to make it into a part, and keep part of it for an AIDS Memorial. 

Studio ai designed a beautiful grove of trees with mirrored walls around the whole park and proposed to encourage visitors to write the names of loved ones in chalk on the walls, which would be washed away by rain. 

Instead, the management company decided on the triangular option, which was supposed to have vines on it, but that was decided against. There is a fountain, cheap lighting, a poem by Walt Whitman, uncomfortable benches, and after-thought type signage. It is almost always empty.