Feminist History at 129 MacDougal

You might know this site as La Lanterna di Vittorio. But in 1925 and 1926, it was the site of Eve Adam’s tearoom.

It was an after-hours lesbian club run by Eve Kotchever, a polish-jewish emigré. The club was at the forefront of sexual liberation and literature at the time, and on the door read a sign that said “Men are admitted but not welcome”.

The speak-easy was closed down after a couple years because an undercover police officer saw some of Eve's lesbian literature. She was eventually deported, and moved to Paris, working again in the literature world, and opening up another club. Unfortunately, in WWII, Eve was killed in Auschwitz.

Now, 129 MacDougal is a family Italian restaurant, with no sign at all of the history that took place there, though the historic building has not changed much since that day.